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Artificial Intelligence Hub

Helping companies to maximize their potential

AI hub

The Hub is proposed in response to a challenge and opportunity for SMEs (25 lakh MSMEs in the country) to embrace AI technologies for high growth without growing the headcount or costs. Workflow automation coupled with business intelligence will save small businesses time and money while enabling them to stay competitive in the emerging data-driven economy. The potential impact of AI solutions on their bottom line would drive SMEs to integrate AI into their business workflow. Nurturing AI platform to offer services to basket of institutions requiring different AI based solutions for streamlining processes and generating meaningful data for business growth development. High quality training and testing data in any machine learning algorithm in maintaining desired quality data for different applications. To bring research ideas from the lab into the real world. Predictive policing to profile individual behavior and to predict crimes and terrorist incidents.

We support small and medium enterprises in enhancing their capabilities.