1.    Starting mobile toilets venture in India as a joint venture with a leading and highly successful international company having state of the art technology.

2.    Tie up with a premier brand liquor company in Australia

3.    Infrastructure projects (international)

4.    IT company looking for partnership or takeover having excellent international branding

5.    Business Delegations

6.    Training programmes – IT and non IT (training in microfinance in African countries, security, Education and gaming )

7.    Business Exchange summit (BX 2016-2017 to bring together startups across the world)

8.    IT company looking for corporate training/ tie ups and new business opportunities

International Business Opportunities

 1.     Pharma – to join consortium of companies who have come together with African strategy, to form an SPV under the leadership of Iha consulting services, Hyderabad, India.

2.     Security: 360degree security solutions

3.     Sterimed: waste disposal and treatment machines provide onsite medical waste
disposal that is safer, greener, and more cost-effective

4.     Bali:    IT sector related with tourism,  trading, imports from Bali – spices, furniture, handicrafts, top grade cashew

5.     Tanzania: Power, Pharma, Solar, Automobiles, Poultry, Fertilizers, Transportation, Mining, Real estate

6.     Indonesia: bio diesel, mining, plantation