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Business Outsourcing.
Market Support.
Technology Services.
Joint Ventures and Collabarations.
Start-up and turnaround.
Project Finance.
Sick Unit Rehabilitation.
Corporate Legal Support.
Feasibility studies.
Project Management services.
Research services to individuals and enterprises.
Training in International Best Practices in Project Management.
Training in International approaches in Software Development.
Training in Soft skills, Employee Development.
National and International Seminars, Workshops and Conferences on different themes of topical importance to Industry and Business.
Information Technology
Food Processing
Iron & Steel

Helping companies to maximize their potential

Iha Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm catering to the diverse needs of the industry and business with its primary focus on growth strategies of small and medium enterprises. The services are offered through in-house and ‘on panel’ expert consultants and associates in respective areas.

Iha Consulting Services(Iha) is promoted by professionals with well over 40 years of standing from across the world, who have extensive experience in the areas of technology, markets, business applications, and understanding entrepreneurial needs and challenges. The promoters have worked with renowned, successful and well-known names in the world in diverse areas of business management.

Iha means the material world. In this material world to survive and thrive, companies need skills and strategies. Iha provides consulting services understanding the needs of the business with well-defined goals. Iha specialises in providing solutions to business problems. In the current climate of proliferating technologies, skills shortages and escalating development costs, partnerships are increasingly playing a key role in business. Our professionals have experience of managing a wide range of different partnership relationships.

Business Areas include -

1.       Pharma

2.       Security

3.       Solar

4.       Real Estate

5.       Hospitality

6.       Clinics

7.       Financial services

8.       Trainings

9.       IT

10.    Delegations related to Business, Trade, science, education

11.    Automobiles

12.    Housing

13.    R&D

14.    PPP projects

15.    Infrastructure projects 

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